Exploration of public interest design process in small design-build

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Vance, Stephanie
Harwood, Pamela
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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In the past several years, a movement of public interest design, also known as community based or participatory design, has entered the main consciousness of architectural design. This design philosophy focuses on the user, holding in high importance the idea that we as designers are designing for the benefit of the user. Through involving the client and potential users within the design process, designers can get a greater understanding of their important issues and concerns, allowing the users to fully utilize their built environment. This project looks the ideas and processes of public interest design at different scales, from one-to-one interactions to community engaged charrettes, in exploring the relation between the designer and client(s) through continuous dialogue. This project chronicles these meetings, charrettes, and activities in the development of the new Motivate Our Minds Community Garden and small design build projects with the students to decorate the small existing gardens and main garden.