Creativity : getting to the "aha-moment"

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Bowman, Anna
Berg, Timothy D.
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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Creativity is a concept that has been researched time and again, but seldom does it relate personal anecdotes to its content. With my thesis, I made a 13-minute documentary in which I interviewed seven people from numerous fields about how they get to their ideas that resulted in several surprising and entertaining responses. I chose representatives who were both students and professors from creative writing, social studies and art education, telecommunications, and acting in the hopes that such a diverse group of people would incite unique and interesting conclusions, which proved to be successful. In the beginning, I introduced the topic with a voice-over and hand-drawn stop-motion illustrations, which I used throughout the film to show the abstract concepts presented by my subjects. The body of my thesis explores five main questions: "What's your method for creating?", "If I were to hook you up to a heart monitor during the creative process, what would it look like?", "Do you use outside stimuli (such as caffeine) to boost your creativity?", "How does interacting with others affect your process?", and "Why do you create?" At the end, I listed four methods I gathered from the interviews for the audience to take note of the next time they create. My goal for this thesis is to provide a tool for generating ideas that anyone can use during creative process.