Patient satisfaction with pain management : nurses' knowledge and attitudes towards pain management

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Richards, Diane A.
Ali, Nagia S.
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Thesis (M.S.)
School of Nursing
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The importance of pain management and assessment is paramount in the hospital environment. Nurses play a key role in assuring good pain control and are in a position to constantly assess and evaluate the effectiveness of pain treatments. Patient satisfaction is an important outcome for quality of care in hospitals (Soderhamn & Idvall, 2003). The purpose of this study is to measure differences in patient satisfaction with pain management and nurses knowledge and attitudes with respect to pain and pain management following an educational inservice. The problem addresses pain assessment and pain management as a very important part of meeting standards for pain management and in patient satisfaction with care and pain management. Poor pain management has been shown to result in impaired health, decreased patient satisfaction, and increased healthcare costs. Nurses' knowledge about pain management and assessment may increase patient satisfaction with pain management. The questions are expressed clearly, (1) What is the level of patient satisfaction with how well their pain is managed?, (2) What are nurses' knowledge of pain assessment and management and attitudes with respect to pain and pain management?, (3) What pain assessments are nurses documenting about patient's pain? The design is a repeated measures, pre test, post test.The nurses complete the McCaffery's Pain Knowledge and Attitude Survey to assess for improved and sustained pain understanding and knowledge. Patients complete a version of the American Pain Society's Pain Satisfaction Questionnaire in Hospitalized Patients with Acute Pain or Chronic Pain. The study will be completed in a rural hospital setting. A sample of 30 nurses and 30 patients will be utilized in this study. The findings may support that nurses' knowledge and attitudes can affect patient satisfaction regarding pain management.