Europe Brainstorming Geography Game

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Gentry, Melissa
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This geography game is created for grades 4-12 and challenges students to think of lists of places, people, and things about Europe. This is an excellent review/assessment activity to use after studying Europe. Based on the popular game, “Scattegories,” this brainstorming lesson is a geography game of creative and quick thinking. Just make a list of people, places, and things falling under the various categories. The time limit should be about five minutes (adjustable to the age of the students), and each group of players or player must list things nobody else does. So if the category is “Countries of Europe,” players secretly/quietly list as many European countries as possible. Then when time is up, take turns going around listing each of their answers one at a time. If any other player or group has the same country on their list, that team does not receive a point. All groups should mark out the matching answers on their list. Players or groups receive a point for each original answer. Teachers can also use the blank map of Europe for the students to complete from memory.