Transformative urban interior design solutions for low-income single women

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Garza, Melina
Kanakri, Shireen Mohammad
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Construction Management and Interior Design
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Single low‐income women are a growing demographic in this country as demonstrated in US Census numbers of 2014. They have overcome many barriers to become more equal with their male counterparts in the past century such as the gaining the right to vote and earning equal pay for equal work. Still, access to inclusive housing options remains a challenge for single low‐income women. Safe, affordable and comfortable housing can provide the opportunity for these women to thrive as members of society. Few options exist that offer these essential features in the context of a healthy community that enables a woman to improve her chances of living an independent, safe and comfortable life. Design has the power to offer creative solutions by designing homes that can help this group of people live well on their own or with others. Since the early 1900s, communal living solutions have shown a path forward for women to live independently in a space that is safe, affordable and comfortable. Through the distribution of an online survey to assess living and design preferences of this demographic, this research aims to illustrate the hierarchy of needs and how those needs can be achieved through a communal living apartment.