All tangled up

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Andretti, Kirsten Marie
Sollars, Stanley H.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Since 1923, with the release of the first sound-on-film production, films have been accompanied with audio to enhance the theatrical experience for its viewers. What most audience members do not realize is how much work must go into obtaining dialogue, music, and sounds to make what is on the screen come alive. The audio production process is lengthy no matter how long the visual sequence may be, and it is my belief that viewers should be introduced to what exactly goes into making a movie on the audio side.

This thesis project focuses on adding sound to any given video. For the sake of saving time, I have taken an already finished film piece, and stripped away all of its sound, leaving only the video. The main components to this project include a fully functional DVD, which includes a custom menu, the original untouched film version, my version of the film with the sounds recreated by myself and a few others, and the credits and copyright attributions to give credit to those who have aided me in this process.