Streams : a chronicle of the development of personal ideas and artwork : an honors thesis/creative project (HONRS 499)

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Wait, Chelsea A.
Stedman, Barbara A.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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This thesis chronicles the development of my ideas and artwork as they have evolved in paints over the last three years, culminating in four pieces that were exhibited at the Minnetrista Cultural Center in May 2006. The exhibit was entitled "streams..." and was the main showcase for the work of a Virginia B. Ball Center seminar by the same name. I was a student in this seminar, under Prof. Kevin Klinger. My participation in the seminar was composed of dual foci. On a personal level, the seminar focused on observing, interpreting, and understanding the abstract idea of a river, with the local White River as a muse and guide. Simultaneously, as a group, the other students and I focused on developing a series of architectural installations along the White River in East Central Indiana. The personal development strengthened the meaning and purpose behind the group work and the group work strengthened personal experience.All photographs are my own, unless otherwise indicated.