Diversity in the actuarial field

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Tarr, Devin
Messineo, Melinda
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Actuaries coming out of Ball State University share similar hiring seasons and requirements for internships and full-time post-graduate positions. The problem is the playing field is not always even; the requirements may change depending upon the identities an individual may hold. Through interviews with Ball State students and companies who recruit from Ball State, we look into the hiring experiences surrounding actuarial science students. We share the stories and experiences surrounding interviewing for positions as a Ball State student. As a result of our research, we have learned that the actuarial field seems to be somewhat of an exclusive group. We found several barriers to enter the field. One of these barriers is the process of taking actuarial exams and how expensive this process can be. Another barrier is that many students need to have a strong background in mathematics before they even come to college. If students do not have access to this background in high school, they may have a much smaller chance of making it in the career once they get to college. Certain demographics may be subject to these barriers more than others, making this field somewhat difficult to get into. In conclusion, we think that the actuarial field needs more effort to truly make it a diverse and inclusive field. As of now, it seems that more privileged people are much more accepted and likely to become successful in the career, while those that are underprivileged may face many more barriers and it will keep them from getting into the career.