The Bushwick girls

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Rund, Emma
Horan, Thomas (Thomas Henning)
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Thesis (B.?)
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I will be writing a full-length play that challenges me to push beyond any playwriting skill level I have previously attempted. I will write a historical fiction play that takes place in both 1949 Bushwick, Brooklyn and 2017 Bushwick, Brooklyn. All events will take place in one house. The 1949 tenants’ and the 2017 tenants’ stories will overlap to explore the issues that immigrants have faced in our country for years. Additionally, all of my characters will be women because as a theatre artist I am interested in telling stories centering around women. There are not enough complicated women onstage, and we deserve to be seen in all our wonderful complexity. We also deserve to be seen in all our diversity. Feminism must be intersectional and putting more white women onstage is not good enough. After I have completed the first draft of this play I will set it aside for a short time to get the necessary space from it before returning to it for the first revision process. I will make an initial revision focusing on plot, making sure there are no plot holes. Then I will put the play through a week-long workshop with a professional director and actors. Throughout this week I will make edits to the script in preparation for a public reading at the end of the workshop.