Player two

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Lau, Jonathan W.
Beane, Andy
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Thesis (M.F.A.)
School of Art
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Player Two is a five-minute, animated short film about two brothers who establish a bond through playing video games. They experience the hardships of growing older when one moves away for the first time; this leads them each to question the future of their brotherly relationship and changes how they react to this life changing moment. This film deals with the topics of growing older and how the unknown future is always an intimidating thought, due to the simple fact of not knowing what is to come. It was inspired by my personal experience of leaving home for college, in which the process was an exciting but painful struggle. Player Two will portray the awkward phase in the two brothers’ lives where they transition from the familiarity of family life to the uncertainness of being apart. Although things will never be how they were again, nothing can change the bond of brotherhood they have with one another.