A redevelopment strategy & analysis for the city of Southport, Indiana Redevelopment commission

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Butler, Jonah
Burayidi, Michael
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Thesis (M.U.R.P.)
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This project establishes a redevelopment strategy for the City of Southport, Indiana Redevelopment Commission as well as provides an analysis of the redevelopment area through various planning-related metrics. The necessity for a new redevelopment strategy stems from the construction of the upcoming Indianapolis Red-Line station in Southport, opening up the area to a broader network of regional connectivity. Furthermore, Southport has not seen such a high demand for new housing or commercial development as is common within the Indianapolis-metropolitan area. In order to capitalize on such opportunities, the Commission must utilize a strategy that is able to overcome the largely negative effects of the UniGov system and encroaching suburban sprawl. Through the strategy provided, I argue that the Commission can finally begin to capitalize on it's unique geography and identity in order to provide for a multi-modal, multi-use, and family-friendly “community for life”, as expressly desired by the Commission.