Review of literature related to the student's role in collective bargaining in higher education

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Schwartz, Robert A.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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The paper is designed to examine issues involved in determining the student's role in faculty collective bargaining in higher education. As faculty unionism grows in popularity among faculties in colleges and universities across the United States, a growing number of students are becoming concerned about the status of their interests and concerns in the institution they attend in the face of faculty demands.There is little written documentation as to what the student's role in collective bargaining should be or if it should exist at all. This is an oversight, for students are a third party in the arena of higher education, with vested interests and concerns just as faculty and administrators. If the lack of information in this area continues, not only students but student advisors and others who work with and aid students, may have a serious shortage of guidelines and knowledge concerning the student's role in collective negotiations.This paper will explore certain aspects of collective bargaining, it is not intended as research into the faculty role or bargaining in any sense other than how it affects the student. It is assumed that the reader may be somewhat familiar with faculty unionism in higher education. The review which follows is limited to two and four year institutions of higher education. Schools which are primarily vocational and elementary and secondary schools have not been considered.