John F. Kennedy's senatorial years : a research paper

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Millage, Philip J.
Perry, Robert T.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This thesis attempts to construct a complete study of John F. Kennedy's senatorial years. The study uncovers relevant material pertinent to Kennedy's senatorial involvement. By examining a vast amount of material, it was possible to construct an overview of Kennedy's career in the United States Senate. This thesis accurately indicates John F. Kennedy's ideology, record, and role within the Senate.John F. Kennedy is depicted as the political man. The pressures that influenced his decisions are discussed. Decisions are not made without consequences and, therefore, the consequences of his decisions are included. He was a man motivated by power, and power became one of his major ambitions. Kennedy's career was evolutionary, and as the years passed, he became a well-known senator. As his career broadened, so did his perspective. This paper develops a picture of Kennedy's aspirations as opposed to his political successes.