Elaine Benes: The imperfect feminist

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Wineinger, Chloe
Donnelly, Ashley M.
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Thesis (B.?)
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Elaine Benes from Seinfeld is a prominent female character that gets little recognition for her contribution to female characters within a sitcom. The only written work on her contribution within a feminist framework claims she is not a feminist because she behaves in similar ways to her male counterparts. This work also uses a framework that is ill-fitted for both the time period and the format of the show. The goal of this research is to reframe Elaine as a feminist character within the context of the show and its time period using the values of third-wave feminism and postmodernism. This process involves analyzing scenes from the show that demonstrate these values. Furthermore, the research should prove that this brand of feminism and writing for Elaine’s character set a precedent for future female representations in sitcoms.