The attitudes and perceptions of pre-service elementary classroom teachers toward teaching music and the national standards

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Horton, Patrick W.
Gerrity, Kevin W.
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Thesis (M.M.)
School of Music
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The primary purpose of this mixed method study was to ascertain the attitudes and perceptions of pre‐service elementary classroom teachers (n=68) towards teaching music. Furthermore, this study aimed to determine the factors that affect the integration of music by these participants. Finally, this study examined how instructor teaching style was connected to student attitudes. Quantitative data were collected through a questionnaire and qualitative data were derived from classroom observations as well as interviews with student and course instructors. Correlations were found between perception score, attitudinal score, and participation in school‐affiliated ensembles, non‐school‐affiliated ensembles, and private lessons. A one‐way analysis of variance (ANOVA) determined that no relationship existed between class section and either perception score or attitudinal score. Common qualitative themes confirmed the quantitative data and pointed toward the importance of expert implementation of an effective curriculum, while other emergent themes indicated differences in teacher style and perception of classroom activities. Implications for the profession are discussed.