Piercings to pigment : an investigation of cultural connection : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Cooksey, Carly A.
Stedman, Barbara A.
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Thesis (B.S.)
Honors College
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The objective of this creative project is to investigate the cultural connection between individuals around the globe electing to modify the presence of their physical body through the use of mutilation, piercing, tattooing, and scarification. The growing phenomenon of body art in the United States initially sparked my interest as a youth, and through scholarly research I have discovered that there is, in fact, a primal connection among all body modifications worldwide. The ultimate purpose of the project is to draw correlations between the choices individuals make in order to alter the appearance of the physical body within the American culture and those choices made by individuals from primitive cultures.In researching the act of decorating the body, I have learned that regardless of the geographical location or time period, peoples will utilize the canvas of their flesh as a vehicle of communication. As a portion of my project, I then presented my ideas within a public forum. In order to convey the message clearly to an audience that a cultural connection does exist as people alter the natural state of their human flesh, I utilized a Power Point presentation. This format allowed me to bring life to my subject matter by incorporating a pictorial representation of various cultures participating in body modification.