The need for ethics in accounting

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Rebich, Hannah
Ledbetter, John H.
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Thesis (B.?.)
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This examination focuses on several important topics related to ethics and the accounting profession, In order for one to understand why a keen sense of ethics is necessary in business situations, one must first understand the basic background of ethics, which is my first topic discussed. Next, my attention of the examination turns towards the recent decline in business ethics, some of the major reasons for this decline, and a description of how a lack of ethics in accounting can lead to the destruction of both a company and individuals. Since the beginnng of accounting services, groups and acts have been created to foster the implementation of ethics in daily business situations, I will discuss some of the prominent groups and events that encourage ethics and socially responsible behavior. Finally, my examination concludes with a discussion of how to rebuild stakeholder's and society's trust in the accounting industry.