Guidelines for establishing a sports information office for women : a creative project

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James, Partick D.
Popovich, Mark N.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This creative project examined the feasibility and need for a sports information system within the confines of a women's athletic department. It was then used to establish a system at Ball State 'University. This study attempted to establish a set of guidelines that could be followed in the development of a women's information system.The Directory of Professional Preparation Institutions, prepared by the American Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, was used to prepare a mailing list for a questionnaire to establish the need. A compilation of the data showed not only a definite need, but also a readiness by women for an information system.Using the questionnaires as a basis, the groundwork for the system began with the development of an athletic information sheet.The sheets were for the athletes to fill out and for the sports information director to gather material for his releases. As the sheets were completed, the second part of the system became a reality with the formation of the file. With these two steps functioning, the writing of news articles for the newspapers started.As the actual information system was being implemented at Ball State, sports information directors were contacted around the country to collect their ideas and suggestions on the important ingredients to develop a sports information system. These were compiled and used throughout the development of the women's system.The conclusions of the project brought about the formation of a women's sports information system with the necessary guidelines for continuation of the organization. The conclusion of the survey established the need for the information system for women and the desire by women's departments to have such a system.