The adopt a school program : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Fleming, Marisa D.
Deer, Andrea J.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The objective of the Adopt a School Program is to encourage the participation of university students in their local community, namely, local elementary schools. This partnership wilt benefit the college student through opportunities to tutor and present relevant programs as well as the elementary student who benefits through additional academic assistance and role modeling. The target audience for the Adopt a School Thesis Project is a future coordinator of the project or interested student seeking to participate in the program. The target audience for the actual project is students in local elementary schools.The Adopt a School Program for the fall semester consists of weekly tutoring at two elementary schools, a Drama Club at one elementary school and three educational programs offered to all three participating elementary schools. The spring semester events will include tutoring, a Drama Club and three additional educational programs.The thesis project will thoroughly explain the Adopt a School Program, its history and purpose and will highlight its need in the community. The project will also in depthly explain each individual program offering examples, advice and evaluations from the presented programs. The project will include possible resources and additional ideas for the programs.By coordinating this program, I expect to gain experience in the educational field through my interaction with the faculty and principals of each school. I also expect to learn more about myself in my role as a leader. In addition, I will gain additional experience in creating and presenting meaningful educational programs. I will learn to facilitate groups of educators, motivate volunteers, publicize events and communicate information to numerous members of an organization. Mostly, I will learn about the needs and wants of schools in a community and how to assist the schools in meeting their needs.