Daylighting Pogues Run

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Kessler, Luke A.
Baas, Christopher
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Thesis (M.L.A.)
Department of Landscape Architecture
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This creative project adapts existing methodology to design a stream daylighting project for Pogues Run, an Indianapolis, Indiana stream. It develops methodologies for planning the daylighting of Pogues Run in order to reestablish the stream’s natural dynamic functions, increase habitat in the urban core, and improve the livability of downtown neighborhoods, transforming the stream into a vital element in the city of Indianapolis. Strategies address the interactions of the hydrological and ecological systems of Pogues Run with its urban context, and seek to minimize adverse impacts resulting from the project. Methods of research include field studies, interviews, photographic and map-based site documentation, identifying potential implications of existing plans affecting the site, and synthesizing research obtained from relevant literature and scientific reports. Methods for designing this project are drawn from the studies of landscape ecology and fluvial geomorphology. The product of this research includes planning and design at a range of scales to fully demonstrate the implications of the project. This creative project is a visioning tool for the future Pogues Run and its context for a new addition to the Indianapolis system of greenways. Design methodologies produced during this project can be applied to other stream daylighting projects in urbanized Midwestern cities.