Lawrence Christian Church

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Venne, Gerald E.
Laseau, Paul, 1937-
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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This thesis book documents the design process for Lawrence Christian Church during the 1978-79 school year. It is organized chronologically beginning with the Program then going through the Design Process step by step: Schematic Design, Design Development, and Detail Design Development.The Program states the problem and explains the context.Schematic Design explores possible solutions considering the issues of orientation, site organization, parking, image, and building functions; as set down in the Program. Four concepts are developed as part of this exploration.Design Development focuses on one concept and develops it further to a workable solution to the problem. The building form and image are primary issues during this stage. The marriage of building to site is also an important issue in this stage to create a working whole. This phase is in two stages, one each half quarter. Each stage takes into account the previous critique and changes are made accordingly.Detail Design Development focuses on specific problems of the design. In this project these were the definition of the image, the interior design of the Sanctuary, and the circulation space along the sides of the Sanctuary. The Final solution is then documented, concluding the Thesis Design.