Indianapolis Zoo : zoological gardens for Indianapolis, Indiana

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Roosa, Betsy C.
Laseau, Paul, 1937-
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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This book is to serve as a record and documentation of the development of a design for the Indianapolis Zoo. It is to illustrate both a process of design and a final product.The zoo will be moved from its present site to a location immediately southwest of downtown Indianapolis. It is to-'a part of the White River Park Development. A major objective is to conserve the water's edge and at the same time revitalize it and the downtown area.The image of a children's zoo will be broadened to that of a zoological gardens. The zoo will best strive to integrate man and animals within one environment while still responding to the basic functional needs of daily servicing, cleaning and feeding of the animals.Conceptual models of the zoo are shown as developed from circulation and site considerations. These evolve into a schematic design which is reviewed and further developed. Drawings are included to better explain the project. Many of the materials used in the research phase of the project are located in the appendix.