Design and urban forestry guidelines for the city of Anderson, Indiana

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Carrel, Betsy L.
Spangler, Ronald L.
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Thesis (M.L.A.)
Department of Landscape Architecture
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This creative project presents a review of the literature of urban forestry issues and a case study which demonstrates application of this literature review to the urban forest of the City of Anderson.The planning process of the case study includes a street tree inventory, and developsexisting Land Use and Transportation land classification system related to the Plans for the City of Anderson. The classification system ties the urban forest guidelines to prototypical situations which are documented through photographs and drawings. The methodology of the classification system can provide a model for development of methodology appropriate for evaluation of other communities. The recommended plant lists are included to be used in conjunction with the guidelines.In order to provide the Madison County Council of Governments and citizens of Anderson with recommendations based on results of the study, Section E of Chapter III, Design and Urban Forestry Guidelines, is organized so that it can be removed from the text and reprinted as a separate document for general distribution.