Scenic design for Shakespeare's Pericles : prince of Tyre : Ball State University Department of Theatre and Dance Spring 2018

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Borchers, Adam
Chipman, Kerry Lee
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Thesis (B.?)
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The works of William Shakespeare have captivated an audience of countless millions since he first put ink to paper. Innumerable directors, dramatists, performers and designers have taken on the challenge of bringing his stories to life. I feel honored to have joined the ranks of those artistic visionaries with my scenic design for Ball State University's Spring 2018 Production of Pericles: Prince of Tyre. The plays of William Shakespeare are incredibly human. That is to say, they are full of universal experiences, things that touch the core of our being and that we can all relate to in some way. It is for that reason these works have stood the test of time. The timelessness of these works allows for a fantastic amount of conceptual interpretation. Our production of Pericles was about the motion of life, loss and reunion, and the idea that the destination of life is the journey through it. The show was conceptually grounded in the idea that the actors were like children playing a game of make-believe. The set was designed to be an imaginative space for play. Because of the large amount of travel in the show, the set needed to be as versatile as possible. It found its shape in actor manipulated fabric and ropes that were reminiscent of both nautical motifs and children building sheet forts.