Yoga and architecture : a philosophical design approach

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Blankenberger, Denise
Shimizu-Coggeshall, Janice H.
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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The aim of this creative thesis project was to investigate the relationship between yoga and architecture. This study connects the philosophy and physicality of the practice of yoga with the poetic nature of architectural design. Through a series of sketches, models, and gestural renderings, a matrix of ideas was formed that could be applied to a physical building design. The final deliverable of the thesis is represented in a booklet including all the information compiled through the duration of the project. This includes diagrams mapping the conceptual connections of ideas, documentation of models created, precedent studies, program specifications, site conditions, climate analysis, sketches translated into diagrams, and rendered images of conceptual designs. What started out as an attempt to design a simple place to practice yoga quickly manifested itself in a philosophical study. The nature of the research is more in the connection of elegant moments that happen in architecture with the transcendental moments that occur through the practice of yoga.