Play and the young child : a study of play and the effects of play on children from a teacher and student perspective : undergraduate honors thesis [(HONRS 499)]

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Aldridge, Melissa R.
Williams, Donna C.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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This project encompasses a great deal of information pertaining to the topic of children's play and recess. Part I presents a rationale for the project and the subsequent research. It also defines play and presents an overview of the controversy surrounding the issue of recess in school settings. A brief description of the methodology of the study and the research context conclude Part I.Part II reviews several theories and definitions of play with a focus on the most recent theories governing current understanding of children's play. In this section, several types of research studies are reviewed including research regarding the most appropriate context for play, studies that focus on children's behaviors, and studies that focus on parental views of play. Part II concludes with a summary of research based effects of play in several domains: physical, cognitive, psychological, and social.The methods, context, and results of the current study are described fully in Part III. Fifty-seven Delaware County teachers and eight administrators were surveyed regarding the time allocated for recess, the advantages and disadvantages of play, and the effects of recess on children's behavior. An analysis of the results examines results in terms of differences between teachers and administrators, variations between grade levels, and variations between schools.Part IV includes a discussion about the controversy currently surrounding recess in schools. Information from both sides is presented and discussed in references to recent research and the findings of the current study.