Designing profit : a study into the impacts of interior architecture on the profitability of a retail store

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Bogan, Brandon D.
Wyman, John E.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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The retail world of the 21st century is drastically different than any time previous. People used to shop to purchase the necessities which they needed to survive. Today's shoppers not only shop for the necessities but also for something more meaningful on a psychological level. Most of todays shopper's shop for lifestyle therapy. They shop to make themselves feel better or even make a change in the way the world percieves them.Beside the change in the shopper's psychology, there are also several other key factors which are changing the retail world. Another key factor is the advent of E-commerce. Using E-commerce, shoppers have the choice of whether or not they even want to leave their house to shop because everything is available 24 hours a day on-line.These two factors along with countless others are revolutionizing the retail world at an astounding pace. It has now come a time to challenge the ideas of the past and develop a new vocabulary and outlook on retail design because a profitable retail store in the 21st century must set itself apart from the competition and create an experience which will keep their shoppers coming back again and again.