Thematic teaching in the elementary classroom including a The sound of music theme : intermediate grades : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Polomsky, Doreen K.
Williams, Joan L.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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As a Junior I took part in the EDEL - Overseas study abroad program. It was during that eleven week teaching and traveling experience that I was first introduced to thematic teaching. I participated at St. Michaels of Enfield Primary and Intermediate School in London, England. St. Michaels was using Goldilocks and The Three Bears as a school wide theme for that semester. I was fascinated by the many different lesson plans and activities that had emerged from a single children's story.Back in the states, several months later, I began searching for a thesis topic. While searching for a topic I reflected back on the previous three years and remembered how interesting I had found thematic teaching to be. I began researching the topic only to learn that thematic teaching was not a new concept, but an old idea that was beginning to be popular in the United States again.During this project I researched thematic teaching and created a theme based on the movie musical The Sound of Music. Over the past eight months this project snowballed. There are numerous other lessons that could have been included in this theme but I reached a point where it was necessary to stop. I have included thematic teaching research, lesson plans in all curricular areas, and teacher resource lists. This theme has been designed to be used by teachers in an intermediate classroom.