Chasing shadows : the story of a novel : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Holtzman, Kara M.
Kingery, Margaret
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The creation of my novel, Shadow of a Stone, began nearly eleven years ago. It began, like all stories must, with a single idea. This thesis is the story of that idea. It is an account of the process, inspiration, and occasional luck that has gone into the development of a novel-length work of fiction. The book isn’t yet finished, and so consequentially, the story of its writing must remain incomplete, each future draft or revision marking a nother c hapter in its ongoing saga. Still, I hope this examination will reveal how much progress has been made since the story’s initial conception. Though it’s possible that other writers may find inspiration in the comparison of my plight with their own, my intention is not to provide a guide to writing or the development of ideas. This is both a narrative account and analysis focusing on the parallel development of a book and its author.This analysis is divided into three parts. The first examines the chronological history of the story, the creation of the idea, and the experiences and critiques that helped to mold my writing ability. The second part takes a look at each individual draft, using outlines and excerpts to compare the plot structure, character development, and writing technique. The final part of this account focuses on the theme of a story, the traits I’ve chosen to represent with my characters, and the literary inspirations that have influenced my writing. I will also address my future intentions for the plot and further goals for the story and as a writer.It is my hope that together, these three sections, while each looking at the development of the story in a different way, will, when combined, illuminate the greater picture and give a full account of the work that has gone into this piece. The important of the book, for me, has increased through this examination, through the realization that I have unintentionally creatred a map of my idealogical development and personal growth. To me the story has taken on a significant far greater than the sum of its pages.