A course of study for myth criticism for high school senior English

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Patrick, Michael
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Thesis (M.A.)
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An attempt will be made to examine and study how the role of myth criticism relates to literature in order to evolve a better awareness of the significance and relevance that selected literature has to high school senior English students.The importance of the problem relates to the student's understanding and awareness of literary values. myth criticism offers a w r to a better understanding in which myth criticism can be judged as valid or invalid. High school students call for the relevance in education which this study may hold for them, Examining universals that touch everyone should be meaningful to all. This program wi11 attempt to show these universals and the way they come about.The problem will have to be ultimately judged by the student. Myth criticism will offer a view of literature and must not be considered conclusive, The end significance of the problem will lie with the students' feelings and judgements of the offering. Possible conclusions are the fdllowing: the critic is necessary to put literature in perspective; literature moves a reader because of its r7thic duality, and literature grows from myth.As of now, there is no organized course of study with myth criticism as the subject on the high school level. But the need for it does exist because of its possible contribution to a student's understanding of literature.Delimitation of the problem will be concerned with study of the background of myth criticism, the study of critical essays dealing with the selected literature, and the reading of the selected literature. Three questions are pertinent: How did myth criticism come about? What can it do? Why is it important? Answers to these questions should demarcate the problem.