Creating a true golf course community : bringing together neighborhood sociability and the greenscape

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Mader, Jeffrey R.
Spangler, Ronald L.
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Thesis (B.L.A.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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The comprehensive project presented here displays a new way of designing the golf course community, and the typical modern suburbia. The project focuses on the community and the neighborhood in an effort to influence people to go away from the modern, inwardly focused suburban subdivisions and reconnect with the human and ecological community that surrounds everyone. By exploring how the house works on the lot and how neighboring houses relate to one another, a new type of development has been created incorporating private space for the residents, extensive community space, and the golf course. The interrelationships between each of these elements creates a unique atmosphere that promotes community and personal interaction as well as interactions with the environment and the outdoors in general. Hopefully, this design would get people to reconnect with the environment around them and, therefore, better understand and connect with themselves.IntroductionMany times today's golf courses and residential sub-divisions are developed together as a so-called "Golf Course Community." However, like many new sub-divisions in suburban America, each lot and house is inwardly focused and in no way promotes a sense of community. Problems exist in these golf course developments between the golf course and residential lot, creating problems with safety, a feeling of security, and a sense of place within the backyard. However in attempting to create a better landscape for the resident, it is essential to consider the golf course and its aesthetic standards along its boundaries.The main focus for this project is people. Whether looking from the perspective of the golfers, the residents on the golf course, or the larger regional community, everyone's physical and cognitive needs will be met within this project. These needs shall be met through the careful design of the golf course, residential, and community landscape, as well as the relationships between them.