Ground reaction force analyis [sic] of athletes with and without patellar tendinitis

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Faraci, Vincent J.
Gehlsen, Gale M.
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Thesis (M.S.)
School of Physical Education
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The purpose of this study was to examine differences in drop landing ground reaction forces between athletes with and without patellar tendinitis. Subjects included 30 recreational athletes, 15 with patellar tendinitis and 15 without. Subjects with patellar tendinitis were tested twice, before (PTI) and after (PTF) rehabilitation. The non-patellar tendinitis (NPT) group was tested once. Subjects performed three trials of a drop landing from a height of 40 cm onto the force plate. Video data was collected to determine the deepest angle of knee flexion during landing. Statistical analysis using ANOVA revealed significant differences in maximum vertical force for the initial peak, post hoc analysis revealed differences between PTI and NPT groups aswell as between PTF and NPT groups. Results indicate athletes with patellar tendinitis exhibit higher initial peak 1 VGRF than athletes without patellar tendinitis. Results indicate that athletes who consistently land with elevated peak 1 ground reaction force are more likely to develop patellar tendinitis.