Understanding women-friendly cities : distilling elements from United Nations designated cities

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Abada, Nora
Adams, Vera A.
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Thesis (M.U.R.P.)
Department of Urban Planning
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This study was conducted to understand the elements that make a city women friendly. Also, identify women needs and the different stakeholders needed to make such a project successful, through the analysis of three different models that were designated by the United Nations which are Montreal, Seoul, and Delhi. The study of the three cities showed that women’s needs of their cities are summarized in three essential aspects: inclusive, convenient, and safe. Inclusive by helping women fully access and participate in the social, cultural, economic, and political life of the city. Convenient by adapting the urban infrastructures and services to women’s needs in a fashion that embraces their nature, social role, and schedule. Safe by creating a safe urban environment for women to allow them regain their right to the city. The Study of the three cities proved that success of the project requires the participation of all city stakeholders’ women and men, social, political, and economic parties, and more important, the willingness and the commitment of city leaders to the success of the project.