Dichterliebe opus 48 : a cycle of sixteen songs by Robert Schumann on the poems of Heinrich Heine : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Harrington, Shawn L.
Meadows, John R.
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Thesis (B.M.)
Honors College
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This project has two components: a written discussion of the music of the Dichterliebe, and the lives of the composer Robert Schumann and the. poet, Heinrich Heine; and an audiotape of my performance of the Dichterliebe. The performance was the culmination of my study of the Dichterliebe, in particular, and of my voice studies, in general. Through the performance, I set out to share the wonderful music and poetry of the Dichterliebe as well as share my musical and vocal growth over the past four years. The written portion of the project was undertaken to satisfy my personal curiosity of the men who wrote the music and the poetry of the Dichterliebe. A study of the music without knowing the man who composed it or the man who wrote the words would be only half complete at best. Likewise, a study of the men and not the music would also be incomplete. That is why I included both venues of learning and experiencing in this project; and that is why I have included an audiotape of the performance with this written report.