A series of laboratory exercises in bacteriology for Turkish high school biology teachers : a creative project

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Aysu, Faruk Tekin, 1927-
Hendrickson, Donald A.
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Thesis (M.S.)
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Although there are many laboratory manuals in microbiology for differenct professions (e.g., A General Microbiology Manual for Nurses, Laboratory Manual for Professional Students in the Medical Sciences, etc.), there has been no laboratory manual in this area for Turkish High School Biology Teachers.The author anticipates that the present manual will be successful in accomplishing the objective of better preparing Turkish High School Biology Teachers.In summer courses, teachers from all of Turkey gather to learn new science ideas, and gain new skills by studying in the laboratories. This manual is intended for use as a study guide in these summer courses.The author has conducted all experiments in the laboratory manual and has attempted to assure that fundamental principles of bacteriology and diagnostic microbiology are interwoven in a functional pattern.