The effects of maleic hydrazide on Coleus

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Cooper, Edwin Gary
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Thesis (M.A.)
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Many fast growing plants soon outgrow their allowed space and thus, lose their attractiveness or usefullness as ornamentals. Other plants are inherently tall and impractical for use as ornamentals but do, however, possess decorative qualities that could add distinction to premises if their growth could be diminished or controlled.The purpose of this investigation was to determine if a growth inhibited part of a Coleus plant would propagate and remain dwarf in size for an extended period of time after its removal from a plant that was treated with the growth inhibitor, maleic hydrazide. In administering the growth inhibitor, foliar application was tested against root application. Any detrimental effects of the chemical was noted in order to find the optimum concentration to produce the dwarfing effect.The success of a carry-over of growth retardation to subsequent cuttings would greatly increase the quantity of the dwarfism effect. The advantage of the method, if applicable to other ornamentals, would reduce the time and cost of maintenance. This accomplishment would also make available many tall attractive plants for decorative purposes. The addition of growth controlled plants to landscaping would be a practical and commercial value.