Levi the gene : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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DeLongchamp, Sarah R.
Dodson, Gary N.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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An educational children's book is worth its weight in gold. Both parents and educators know the value of literature that makes learning fun. It is vital that the next generation have a greater understanding of the concepts of genetics, as it was that the previous generation had the ability to use and understand computer technology. As research in the area is augmented, gene therapies, genetic engineering and modification, and cloning technology will become more a part of everyday life. This is especially true in the medical profession. Without an understanding of the base concepts of genetics, this growing field would be a chasm of ignorance and anxiety for society. It is true of human psychology that if we do not understand something, we fear it. This has already begun with legislation that seeks to ban all cloning technology in the United States. I do not want to see this unfortunate result come to pass in future years, and the only cure for ignorance is information. With this children's book, I hope to alleviate some small amount of ignorance and create a more informed public. One that is capable of deciding if research to society if it is ethical based on its value to society. In the process, I would like to combine art with science into an educational format.