A veterans transition support program

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Howard, Brandin
Wessel, Roger D.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Educational Studies
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The purpose of this project was to provide an alternative guideline for creating and establishing an effective veterans affairs program which aides in the transition and success of student veterans. Through this project, the main goal was to offer a program which combines the efforts of individuals from numerous departments at colleges and universities to smooth the transition in and out of active duty and ensure that all the support and resources institutions can provide are given to student veterans. The first stages of this project included a review of related literature on student veterans which included an investigation of the history of student veterans in the higher educational setting, veterans in contemporary higher education, their transitional processes and challenges, mental and physical issues, and the need for support mechanisms. In addition, current veteran affairs programs were researched to discover the services that they provide for student veterans to determine best practices and components needed for the project. These programs were research through their institutional and program websites as well as through personal contact with representatives of the program. This project provides those with interest in this area with specific instructions on how a Veteran’s Transitional Support Program can be created. This project contains a university Task Force designed to discuss and explore possible accommodations for student veterans, a position description for Program Coordinator for Veterans Support Services, a position Description for Graduate Assistant (GA) for Veterans Support Services, and a template of a Vets Helping Vets Organization Constitution.