Lesson plans for implementing the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Curriculum and evaluation of standards for school : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Monroe, Kara N.
Biggs, Donna L.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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This project is a collection of lesson plans, which are classroom ready-perfect for the beginning mathematics teacher. In the beginning of a mathematics teaching career it is important to be prepared, at this time more than ever, due to the guidelines set out by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.In their book Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics, the National Council outlines a vision for mathematics instruction for the twenty-first century. However, at this time materials to implement these standards are few and far between.This project begins with a brief overview of the Standards and the vision outlined in them. The lesson plans follow this section. They are divided into specific categories, although many lessons would fit quite well into other categories.