No net negative impact water + culture : people's courtyard in downtown Beijing

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Li, Menghe
Rosenblatt-Naderi, Jody
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Courtyards -- China -- Beijing -- Design and construction.
Runoff -- China -- Beijing.
Graywater (Domestic wastewater) -- China -- Beijing.
Thesis (M.L.A.)
Department of Landscape Architecture
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Beijing, China is like many other metropolis where the population in the city is so large that water and natural landscape resources of the city are strained to meet current residents' needs, and the population is growing. This is evident in a weak sense of belonging, absence of social support, and increased youth obesity. To address these complex issues and keep rapid development within limited natural water resources in Beijing, sustainable development is perhaps one of the best solutions to this issue. Sustainable development refer to environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability. The creative project redesigns a courtyard in Beijing to provide the residents a sustainable and cultural living experience. The project also provides a case study for other courtyard designs that have similar conditions in Beijing. If implemented, this project could have an impact on 184,750 existing Beijing residents and impact the future of 388 hectares of storm water across the landscape of the city. The project is addressing the problem of stormwater runoff and lack of public spaces and children play areas. With this situation, the primary goal of this creative project is to design a modern courtyard that deals with the stormwater runoff, treats the wastewater, and provides the living experience of Beijing