Living water in the garden : a fresh look at evangelism

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Barrick, Brian D.
Smith, Leslie H.
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Thesis (B.L.A..)
College of Architecture and Planning
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This study seeks to take examples from past relationships between Christianity and the garden and apply these concepts to the design of an evangelistic garden. Through application of the historical examples, this study accomplishes four goals. First, the study presents guidelines useful to aid practitioners and Christian leaders in the design of an evangelistic garden. Second, it provides an opportunity for the garden user to learn about what Christianity means (provide education). Third, it provides an opportunity for the garden user to ponder his own relationship to Christianity (provide contemplation). Finally, this study suggests that evangelistic gardens may be useful in bringing individuals closer to God. In order to accomplish these goals and prove their success, they are applied through design concepts and ultimately a masterplan to a site in Bloomington, Illinois. Finally, the author emphasizes the importance of this study and encourages Christian leaders and landscape architects to consider possible applications for the concepts presented.