This is not a pipe : essays on man as the measurer of all things

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Jackson, Rebecca L.
Ranieri, Paul W.
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Thesis (B.?)
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Fields of inquiry are differentiated by the methods, metrics, and conceptual "vocabulary" that define the way one approaches a problem and what counts as a solution. Yet, if different methods of measuring are what separate and distinguish various disciplines and ways of knowing, then measurement is also the uniting feature underlying all human pursuits towards understanding. In an effort to explore the nature of measurement itself, I created This Is Not a Pipe: Essays on Man as the Measurer of All Things, a multidisciplinary collection of essays authored by Ball State University professors of history, mathematics, theatre, literature, philosophy, linguistics, creative writing, economics, sociology, humanities, and computer science. In addition to this booklet, I include a post-project analysis which reflects on how the essays further illuminated (or contrasted with) my own pre-project hypotheses on what it means to measure.