An innovative vision for the Fall Creek streamfront : redefining the Indiana State Fairgrounds

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Troha, Nicholas
Zhang, Bo, 1970-
Motloch, John L.
Marlow, Christopher M.
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Thesis (B.L.A.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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Whether that refers to the landscape or what is perceived as the separate, yet associated structures. Being able to envision these landscape and structured spaces as integral, without distinction, is the lens that this project advocates. Focusing on the stream corridor of Fall Creek, the setting of this project converges in a unique situation of intense urban conditions meeting a fairly untouched ecological zone. To create a tangible concept, this thesis extends its vision towards urban ecology to design for the community a network of landscape and structured spaces, which provide new public amenities and functions to build on the existing infrastructure of Fall Creek. Urban ecology is a catalyst to fuse science with design. This approach does not implicate the end solution to a problem. Rather, it proposes a beginning to creating new and innovative design principles