How to find a sports internship for EXSCI 369 : an honors project (HONRS 499)

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Kleiber, Michelle R.
Reno, John E.
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Thesis (B.?.)
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The sports administration program at Ball State University is fairly new and still is modifying its program. While I was involved in the program, I needed to complete EXSCI 369 which involves taking a sports internship for 12 hours of credit. There was very little information to start my search for an internship and I had little knowledge of what was expected of a student intern at an organization. I decided to do a project that will be located in the office of Dr. John Reno so future students will be able to understand what is needed to start looking for an internship, from a cover letter and resume to a self assessment of their needs and goals. This wasn't the only problem I felt needed to be addressed though. There is also little information on what organizations do offer internships and when the will be offered. I sent out 400 questionnaires asking different sports organizations about their internship programs. I received just under 200 back, and I compiled them into a reference manual. This reference manual is divided by each individual sport and also by geographical regions. Together, these two sections will make the internship search easier and hopefully a success.