Stage fright : a topical guide for singers concerning music performance anxiety literature

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Diehl, Joseph A.
Steib, Murray, 1954-
Pohly, Linda, 1954-
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Thesis (D.A.)
School of Music
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This dissertation explores the relationship between singers and music performance anxiety (MPA). It includes a historical summary of the malady’s epidemiologic evolution, and focuses on singer-specific research results. In addition to related concepts, theories, and clinical data results, pertinent items such as accepted anxiety measures, surveys, and questionnaires are included. In addition to the literature review, this topical guide is intended to be used by singers suffering from MPA as a starting point to begin to assess their levels of anxiety, both general and in heightened anxiety states such as when performing. In addition, this dissertation and included items are meant to serve as a guide for teachers in the voice studio, and as a starting point to engage in a discussion with their students who suffer from MPA. It is meant to be a catalyst for generating a dialogue with the self or with the singing student. The research results suggest that an exhaustive study on singer-specific characteristics, predictors, and coping strategies is still needed in order to determine the best treatment regimen for singers struggling with MPA.