A study of the adult performance level based curriculum guide and its use in the state of Indiana

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Painter, David M.
McElhinney, James H.
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
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The purpose of the study was to examine the development of Learning for Everyday Living, the Indiana curriculum guide, for the adult performance level (APL) program in the State of Indiana and to determine its use and value to adult basic education (ABE) programs throughout the State of Indiana.An examination of the Guide and its usefulness was undertaken in four areas: First, administrators' judgments of the management aspects of the Guide and its ease or difficulty of use by teachers. Second, teachers' and administrators judgments of the Guide's curriculum value. Third, teachers' judgments of the value of the auxiliary materials in the use of the Guide. Fourth, the degree of administrators' and teachers' inservice and/or preparation prior to the use of the Guide. Respondents were asked to respond to Part A of the questionnaire if they used the Guide, to Part B if they didn't. The respondents consisted of 24 directors and 81 adult basic education (ABE) teachers working in 28 programs.Findings1. Fifty-eight percent of the administrators responding indicated that Learninq for Everyday Livinq material was used in their programs.2. Approximately 93% of the administrators judged that the Guide was effective with students.3. Both teachers and administrators viewed the auxiliary materials as inadequate in working with adult basic education (ABE) students.4. Opportunity for additional staff development opportunities were judged valuable to both teachers and administrators in further use of the Guide.Conclusions1. A general updating of the Guide was recommended by both teachers and administrators with attention directed to the addition of activities and objectives in several content areas, i.e. family, lifelong learning, parenting, problem-solving, etc.2. The Guide was judged by both teachers and administrators to be effective as a curriculum guide and is very manageable in the areas of record-keeping and preparation of lessons. It allows adult students easy entry and exit to Adult Basic Education(ABE) Programs.3. Staff development workshops to acquaint new teachers and administrators with the materials are needed if the Guide is to be further implemented throughout the state.