Attitudes and beliefs of unmarried pregnant adolescents : decision-making, sexual attitudes and future expectations

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Howard, Charlotte M.
Brand, Juanita M.
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Thesis (M.S.)
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Sexually active adolescents are at high risk for pregnancy and associated long term implications for the adolescent, the family, and particularly the children born to unwed mothers. The purpose of this qualitative study, and the proposed replicate, is to explore personal perspectives of unmarried pregnant adolescents pertaining to decision-making, contraceptive behavior, sexual attitudes, and future expectations. This study is a replication of the Spear’s (2004) study based on a previous qualitative study (Spear, 2001). Pregnant adolescents will be recruited from a faith- based urban clinic in central Indiana. This center provides counseling and medical services to women experiencing pregnancy related crisis. A total of 10 participants are desired. Participants will be interviewed at intervals throughout pregnancy regarding decision-making, contraceptive behavior, sexual attitudes, and future expectations. Understanding perceptions of pregnant adolescents will aid in development of pertinent nursing interventions and community programs to meet the needs and challenges that pregnant teenagers face. By understanding the learning needs and motivators of young people in regards to sexual activity programs related to avoidance of early sexual activity and childbearing may be designed.