"Creating centers" : a reflection on the Julia Carson Community Center

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Ackerman, Ashlyn M.
Elvin, George
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Thesis (B.?.)
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Architecture always begins with two components: a client and an idea. The role for "client" may be expanded to include an owner, a user group, an entire community, or even a person or event memorialized. The ‘idea’ makes the building unique, and it evolves as the project develops, gaining depth and cohesion with each iteration of design. Add competition to this, and the intensity amplifies. Client, idea, and competition came together in the design for the Julia Carson Community Center, entered into the 2011 Gresham-Smith design competition administered by Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning. The competition entry titled “Creating Centers” focuses on sustainability, community connections, and catalyst design. A reflection of the design process and completed work also examines the success of a partnership in competition and reveals areas of further improvement.