The impact of furniture on college students' performance

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De Deyn, Rachel
Kanakri, Shireen Mohammad
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Thesis (M.S.)
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This study presents a comprehensive overview of the context and significance of multitasking behaviors and their connection to student performance within the undergraduate college classroom settings. There have previously been studies conducted regarding multitasking behaviors which have formerly only been related to the younger generations and have primarily been focused on the characteristics of disorganized and negative attributes of multitasking behaviors. The approach used in this research study focuses on the direct correlation between furniture and other interior environments with regards to students’ performance through their multitasking experiences. The literature reveals that the multitasking behaviors and social structures of undergraduate classes have previously been a neglected focus. Through qualitative research methods, this study exposes the impact that multitasking behaviors relates to social actions within the furniture design and layout context. Through additional research, the furniture design and layout of the college class program will allow for a deeper, more positive application of the social structures based on college student’s social experiences and expressions. The evidence, through the data collected and analyzed here, suggests that the furniture arrangements and social structures of college classes have an impact on a student’s ability to multitask and to preform properly. The findings reveal a hierarchal organization through furniture, and the preliminary results point towards understanding the importance of multitasking abilities for student performance through furniture designs and layouts which are directly impacted by various teaching styles. The researcher recommends the implementation of ergonomic solutions, the promotion of social solutions, the importance of motivation through collaboration, and a balance between group and individual work.