The feasibility of implementing public transportation in Jeddah

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Shakker, Ahmad Mohamed
Kelly, Eric D.
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Thesis (M.U.R.P.)
Department of Urban Planning
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Public transportation creates alternatives for people so they can move from one place to another. Citizens move from their houses to their work place and other services like hospitals and stores on a daily base. Public transportation provides them with a comfortable and efficient option to transport them to the places they want to visit. This study addresses the feasibility of implementing a public transportation system in Jeddah, a city that lacks an efficient mass transit system. The study demonstrates how public transportation can thrive in a place where cheap gas is available and the city has high car ownership percentage. Jeddah, a well-known city in Saudi Arabia located on the west coast of the country is the focus in this research paper. The research addresses the major problem point which not having an efficient public bus system. In order to fix the issue this research demonstrates literature answering questions related to the subject. Three case studies about different cities which are Dubai, Houston and Rio de Janeiro are conducted in this research. Each of the three cities shares similar characteristics with Jeddah and offers lessons related to the public bus system. Lastly, the research conducts comparisons and proposes a conclusion for Jeddah public bus transportation issue.